MANATUNG ® is a company that carefully designs and produces natural wood products with care for the environment and the goal of creating healthy home environments.

In MANATUNG we make our products by hand, one by one, with wood from sustainable Spanish forests with PEFC certificate. Each piece is unique and exclusive due to the characteristics of wood and care in manufacturing.

MANATUNG products introduce nature in homes. Wood, a material that once was alive, is incorporated into the daily life of the house permeating the air with its image of good vibrations and improving the emotional state of people.


MANATUNG pays attention to one of great unfinished subjects of the furniture industry: the coating. MANATUNG avoids harmful lacquers, paints or synthetic varnishes that have toxic products such as polyurethane (an oil sub product from which only 10% is synthesized and 90% is waste that must be stored due to the lack of knowledge to eliminate it without damaging the environment), as well as lots of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) contained in most commercial paints, varnishes and sealants that affect the quality of the air we breathe.

"MANATUNG without Tung" uses raw wood with its open pores and all the beneficial properties such as acoustic correction and pollutants and electromagnetic radiation absorption.

"MANATUNG with Tung" uses as coating a combination of ecological varnish and Tung oil to give more emphasis to the wood grain and add protection and durability to the products. Tung oil, used since before the XIV century by Chinese traders to waterproof their boats, gives wood strength and emphasizes its natural beauty.

MANATUNG ® is a Spanish brand based in Madrid, registered in 2015 in the SPTO.